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Tips how to prepare for surgery

I had my hysterectomy this week, recorded this video a day before the surgery and got around sharing my tips with you today how I prepare.

This is not my first rodeo, just last year I had a knee surgery (my second) so over time I learned how to prepare my body best for a quick and optimal recovery.

What I do:

A colon cleanse!!!

I start early the day before surgery so I am clean and not having any bowel movements the day of surgery

Why I cleanse?

Because the anesthesia slows the movement of digestion and elimination especially with any abdominal surgery. I always feel recovery is easier without the toxins sitting in my colon. Also elimination can be difficult after surgery as well due to gas and fluids.

Products and remedies I use:

  • Drink Smooth Move tea from @tradmedicinals the day before and after surgery

I use this the day before surgery. I use either smooth move or magic lax (not the entire container like you do with a colonoscopy).

  • Sip on Bone broth

The day before and after surgery I sip chicken end beef bone broth for recovery.

  • Electrolytes

The day before I am also taking electrolytes for optimal hydration.

Please consult with your doctor about any of those options.

For more check out my recent video I did how I prep for surgery, click below.


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