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A Thousand Different Bodies In A Lifetime

Photoshoot during last Teacher Training taken at Blue Spirit Costa Rica May 2023
Grateful for this body

A thousand different bodies in a lifetime

A teacher in training once said that she has learned so much through her thousand different bodies. That statement resonated with me so profoundly.

2 years ago I found out I have something called Lynch Syndrome. A familiar gene that has increased likelihood of uterine cancer, ovarian, and colon cancer. My grandfather had colon cancer and my mom had ovarian cancer (luckily she is still alive). I was poked and prodded and spoken to as if I had cancer. I had to take a good look at menopause, aging, death, and also my amazing life.

Today I found out I have pre-cancerous cells.

There is a solution. I have made the choice to have a full hysterectomy. I also have what they have named a mega uterus.Mine is four times the normal size. So removing it vaginally isn't an option. They will have to cut my abdominal wall...again.

One ovarion cyst age 22 (cut me open in fear it was cancer).

One beautiful baby boy (emergency c-section).

One beautiful baby girl (she needed to come early due to complications, emergency c-section).

Add on two knee surgeries from accidents surfing and skiing for Acl replacement ( A year of recovery for each).

And now a Hysterectomy.

To have my abdominal wall cut yet again and have to recover and rehab is going to be hard. But not as hard a Cancer.

I have the tools to recover and be healthy. And I have two precious little ones that need me here to love them.

A thousand different bodies in a lifetime.

As a human, and someone that loves to move, I will find new ways to heal.

And every time I am humbled and taught new ways to care for others that have also lived in a thousand different bodies.

A thousand different bodies...
A thousand different bodies...

What does that mean? I will have surgery soon and as advised per my doctor I had to cancel my planned 2-Week Intensive Training in October. Even though I am really sad about it I know it is the right decision to give my body time to heal.

Also expect to see inspiration, tips and tricks from me sharing my journey before and after surgery, including my recovery and rehab, may it be beneficial to some of you!

For everybody who is interested in my Teacher Training, check out the dates next year in May 2024:

Legs up the wall is always a good choice.
Recovery & Rest


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