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Post Radical Hysterectomy - Tips On How To Recover

6 days post my Radical Hysterectomy I am sharing some tips on how to recover.

This post is to help those having to go through this surgery.

This post is also important for pilates teachers working with students going through this surgery.

After surgery, I had a lot of gas and bloating, which is normal with any abdominal surgery.

Slight headaches and some trouble deep breathing.

My recovery so far:

  1. Lots of resting

  2. Walking slow and steady

  3. Deep breathing exercises

Why is deep breathing important?

It helps to reduce anxiety and release tension.

Breathing deeply works the diaphragm muscles and pelvic floor naturally. These are key core muscles. So simply breathing is the first and most important exercise for my recovery.

Stay tuned for my next video about my recovery journey!


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