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My Top 5 Things To Do In Nosara

Are you wondering how to plan the perfect trip to Nosara?

After living here for over 20 years I have my list of places, bodyworkers and healers nailed down of My Top 5 Things To Do In Nosara! I could add 5 or 10 more things to this list for sure, join me for a retreat here to get all my secret Nosara tips ;)


Every season the melting pot of holistic offerings is growing in Nosara, we have access to world class Spas, Longevity services and bodyworkers and healers of all kinds. I religiously book appointments with myself for a monthly massage, acupuncturist and checking in with my local physical therapist making sure my temple is in perfect shape to be the best teacher I can be for my clients.

My experience is going right back into my retreat planning, creating perfect schedules for a week for my guests to enjoy Costa Rican nature, culture while tending to their body, mind and spirit through Pilates and offerings available at the Bodhi Tree Resort.

1.) Surf sessions with fellow women

Playa Guiones is one of the best beaches in the world for all levels of surfers. Beginner and experienced surfer always have a great time. Here in Nosara a tight crowd of women are catching waves, I love being in the line up cheering each other up, and the feeling of riding a wave for a few seconds- priceless!

Surfing Playa Guiones

My tip: Always book a surf class with a local instructor, they will explain you the specifics of the local beach. line up etiquette and make sure you have a great time.

2.) Eating real food from the Blue Zone

Six areas across the globe are known as the blue zones, where a combination of culture, mindset, diet, and environment help their residents live longer and healthier lives than most. Nosara is located in of those areas.

Without a doubt one of the reasons people in Nicoya are living a long time is because they are eating this diet of beans, squash, and corn,” Dan Buettner

Blue Zone Food

My tip: To get a glimpse into the secrets of the longevity kitchen book a cooking class with "Cocina Azul Nosara" run by local women. They will teach you how to prepare some delicious dishes filled with good ingredients & much love!

3.) Bodywork & massages from specialists

Nosara became a true Mecca for holistic healing and wellness modalities. There is a great variety of excellent specialists in town. Especially for me as a movement teacher I need to take care of my body, I usually get a monthly acupuncture session & a massage and a checkin with my local physical therapist Ricardo who helped me with my recovery after my knee surgery.

Massage at the Bodhi Tree Spa

My tip: Try the Spa at the Bodhi Tree for a truly pampering experience.

For a different healing experience visit a Sound Journey with my amazing friends Shanti Sounds Costa Rica or visit one of the Sound Healing sessions at Bodhi Tree (you find the offering on the community schedule)

4.) Train with amazing fellow teachers

Nosara is known Yoga and Surfing but it would be a shame not taking advantage of all the other great offerings. From Spinning to Hit Workout, Ballet and Capoeira there is no movement style this little town isn't offering. I usually schedule a private zoom workout with my local personal trainer to be guided and stay consistent with my workout.

Private Pilates Class at Pilates Nosara

My tip: Book a private class with us at Pilates Nosara where we can play with different equipment you usually don't use in a group class, give special attention to your personal fitness & lifestyle goals. For a different movement experience visit one of the many Ecstatic Dances happening around town, a sweet way to move the body.

5.) Enjoy a sunset dinner at La Luna

Sunsets here are amazing, try to go every day if you can because they change so much, from a high pitched pink to dramatic dark red... I am sure I have not seen all Mother Nature has to offer. La Luna is the only place where you can have a sunset dinner at the beach because the rest of the area is a protected for turtle nesting.

Sunset dinner at La Luna

My tip: Book your table in advance in high season and ask to be seated outside to get the full sunset view. I also love going early in the morning for breakfast, usually its very quiet and I get the beach view all to myself, hang out the whole morning working and enjoying their amazing dishes.

Want to experience my Top 5 in one week?

Let me take over the planning and join my next Pilates Wellness Retreat, including all my favorite things to do in Nosara, plus some special treats.


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