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Pilates Elevated Mentorship Program
A 6-month online program for Pilates Teachers

Are you a fairly new Pilates Teacher? 

Want to get more confidence teaching clients with injuries? 

Refine your cues and teaching style? 

Have a mentor you can reach out to for questions? 
How to level up your teachings and make Pilates a successful career! 

My Pilates Elevated Mentorship, is a 6-month online program

for new Pilates teachers to gain confidence sequencing their classes,

using the right cues to connect to their students, teaching clients with special conditions and taking the first steps to start a Pilates business.

I am excited to offer this course to NEW Pilates Teachers, to be YOUR mentor

and support you during a period of six months on your journey.


What you’ll learn:

+ How To Teach Students With Special Conditions

Injury, pregnancy, mobility issues etc.

+ How To Start Your Pilates Business

Start from the scratch.

+ Creative Intelligent Sequencing

How to make your classes flow.

+ Cueing and Connecting To Your Students 

The power and importance of words in class.



25+ years of teaching Pilates, running Teacher Trainings and retreats world wide

Page Sieffert 

Body Master Instructors for Pilates

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Studio owner, facilitator in annual teacher trainings, retreat host and mentor. 

What you get

  • 6x two hour online LIVE sessions with Page Sieffert via Zoom

  • A beautiful workbook to go with along the way with homework and topics we study

  • A Facebook community group

  • An open space for questions and me as a Mentor


  • 30 minute mat class lead by Page with a specific theme, cueing, sequence, injury, etc

  • 30 minute lecture on a specific topic of interest

  • 30 minute teaching exploration time

  • 30 minute question and answer about anything relating to teaching

  • Homework Workbook


  • You have finished a Pilates Teacher Training. No need to be a qualified teacher.


Joining my mentorship your confidence will increase to teach any type of client condition, know exactly how to sequence your class and which cues to use to connect with your students and make your classes flow with ease.

Plus you get the blueprint how to start your Pilates business.

*I will contact you after the booking to start the on boarding process with you. In case you don't hear back from me please contact me at

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