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The Foot Corrector

Joseph Pilates created this gizmo just for you!! (And me!!).

The amazing foot corrector wakes up the muscles in the feet that years of maltreatment, bad shoes, and torture have disconnected you from. When I was first introduced to exercising my feet, it was like trying to move a dead limb. I had cramping and instant fatigue. It took time, patience, and an amazing instructor that loved the foot corrector. With a healthy foot with full function of its muscles, it's like a spring installed inside of your body. It supports every step you take, and every other bone and muscle in your body. Without healthy feet, every single step you take is like a sledgehammer and years of unsupported steps leads to chronic pain and injury radiating through the body.

It's never too late to start healing those feet and bodies. Come see what the foot corrector can do for your entire body and the quality of your life!

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