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How to Stay Healthy on the Road with Ayurveda

Have you ever felt that your digestion was off as you climb to 10,000 feet off to lands unknown? When you land you can't quite figure out what to eat in order to not feel bloated, constipated, gassy? 14 years ago, this was my struggle on every trip I took! Now, after years of studying nutrition, I use my journey to health to help travelers avoid these issues.

I was traveling the world teaching Pilates and doing bodywork to high-end clients for movies. The change in climate, time zone, food consumption and insane hours on the set were wreaking havoc on my body. I had a myriad of symptoms (especially with my digestion) that felt debilitating, but nothing that was diagnosable by a doctor. After completing one of my several yoga teacher trainings on my journey for health and answers, I was advised to visit an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I was inspired and spent almost a year studying diet and lifestyle, integrating these teachings into my life, and slowly my dis-ease started to dissipate and balance began to be restored. I now have the tools to treat myself on a daily basis, wherever in the word I may find myself.

But what exactly is the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and how could one use it for better health? Ayurveda is the the medicinal branch of Yoga. It looks at you, the individual, and the environment in which you live, to create balance in any dis-ease you may be experiencing. Through a thoughtful, elemental, diet and lifestyle you can be more successful in creating balance in their health.

So, for healthier travels, Ayurveda may be just the knowledge you need to carry with you! If you are out of balance, insomnia, gas, bloating, and anxiety are a few of the potential issues that may arise. Now add the stresses of travel, and imbalance is inevitable. How can you maintain balance?

  • Eating food that is cooked with good oils is key.

  • Also doing self massage called Abhyanga with hot oils before travel can be very helpful for sleep.

So, before getting on a plane, eat cooked food such as soups and steamed vegetables with good oil, along with a hot oil massage and notice how different you may feel!

Are you a travel-lover seeking better health and wellness? Join me in Colombia this October for a one-week retreat featuring pilates, healthy food, and a more in-depth discussion on Ayurveda, the science, and it benefits!!!

Learn more about the Colombia retreat here.

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