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Take That Retreat Bliss Home With You - Easy Ayurvedic Travel Tips

I just wrapped up my Pilates and Wellness Retreat at Blue Spirit.

What a gift to finally be in community with others after the challenging year we have had. We did two pilates classes per day, a sound journey, restorative yoga, ate delicious healthy food, and adventured around the town I call home in Nosara, Costa Rica.

My goal is to bring balance, wellness, and joy of movement to my retreat participants. I also want to educate them so they leave with a few more tools on how to take that balance with them into their busy lives. With my background in Ayurveda, I base each class on one of the five elements. These are ether, air, fire, water, and earth. I also gave a lecture on how to use 'Food as Medicine' based on Ayurveda.

Read about how my guests experienced Ayurveda during the retreat.

The group felt like they transformed after our week together. We had blast!

Before they left on their journey home I suggested a few simple tips to make travel a little easier:

  1. Eat healthy cooked foods with good oils. This will help with constipation that typically happens while flying.

  2. Use Coconut oil and do a self-massage called Abhyanga. Always do this with dry skin before a warm shower. Your skin and nervous system with feel nourished and calm for your travels.

Join me next year for one of my retreats in Costa Rica!


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