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Pilates Postnatal

Birth is miraculous. Hormones are amazing. This body is incredible.

I'm 34 and had my first baby 4 months ago. I had a home/water birth with two nurse midwives. I labored for 9 hours and pushed for 1 hour. I used hypnobirth and had zero interventions.

I did Pilates classes up until my 9th month, modifying what I needed to. After birth, I got the go ahead to start working out at 6 weeks. I started with gentle mat and chair workouts. It was like a completely different body. Everything was out of place. I felt ready for a challenge at 3 months, and started taking 1 reformer or chair class a week. Now at 4 months, I'm up to two classes a week, some hiking, surfed twice and additional home Pilates here and there. Any work done on the springs (any pilates equipment) seems to stabilize and strengthen my joints and put me back in my body centering me. The spring work gives the vital feedback my body needs to guide my movements. The equipment teaches me where I am and where I need to go.

Thank you Joseph Pilates. My body, mind, and spirit NEEDS Pilates to function at its highest potential!

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