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Pilates for pregnancy

Every activity in the first few months was a challenge. My energy was very low most of the time and I was incredibly nauseous unless I was eating. I forced myself to do some Pilates every other day just for sanity. It did/does wonders.

When I started to feel better, my body was changing and expanding. I started to have a harder time with movements that had been no problem in the past. Now I'm starting to need props to achieve connections I no longer can get without.

Pilates has been a savior in my life in so many different ways. First from weight gain and depression, then life path and direction, and now keeping me fit and strong preparing me to give birth. I am able to work my entire body from my toes to my tip top of my spine. Focusing on aligning and centering I have been able to safely move and sweat releasing much needed endorphins and pumping fresh oxygen through my circulatory system keeping me healthy and happy. In the last 9 years teaching, I have worked with many pregnant and postnatal mamas. Pilates is great for any level of mover, and any size or limitations. Every one has been different, but each one of them has been my inspiration in these last four months.

I'm so grateful to have such an interesting and fun job and such amazing students and clients over the years!

Pilates student and teacher, Jenni Roberts

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