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The first-ever Franklin Method  workshops in Costa Rica! 

  • Franklin Method® is the only evidence-based mind-body training method backed up by scientific studies. The Franklin Method® teaches you how to move in alignment with your anatomy and biomechanics.  

  • It’s the fastest and most effective somatic approach to permanently rewiring your body and mind for optimal function. 

  • Franklin Method® can be applied to your everyday movement and all types of exercise and performance that require physical engagement (Yoga, Pilates, Sports, dance, etc.).

  • Master embodied function, reinvigorate your teaching, refresh your cues, and improve your own personal function so you feel healthier, more energized and focused, stronger, and more flexible. 

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Sign Up Here:

*PLEASE NOTE: There are 4 workshops. Anyone can attend. They must sign up for either 2 or 4 of the workshops. They can choose whichever they want but must reserve a spot.

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