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Pilates in Residence

My new passion project


I am always thinking of how I can learn more in my field and how I can use my platform as a business owner to try to make some sort of change for the environment. 


Years ago I started the Nosara Challenge and No Plastic Nosara with some key people in my community. It is made a huge impact in this small town but we need to do more! Thus the creation of Pilates in Residence.


I think of it like artist in residence but with Pilates being the art. The idea is to invite teachers that want to share their in depth knowledge at Pilates Nosara in the form of a master class and one workshop. In trade I invite the instructor to stay at my home for five nights, enjoying the rest of the time as a vacation, also participating as many classes at my studio that they want. 


The workshops will be offered to everyone and anyone that wants to learn for a small fee for $30. All proceeds will be given to NO PLASTIC NOSARA and Nosara Recycle Center.


Stay tuned for dates of visiting instructors and what they will be presenting!!!


If you are an experienced instructor with some incredible to share and want to participate please email me at

Past Events:


Tech Neck

February 22, 2020

10:30 – 1:00pm



Tech Neck is an overuse syndrome caused by the repetitive stress of holding one’s head in a forward and downward position for extended periods of time.  Recently, the prevalence of this syndrome is on the rise due to increasing hours spent on handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. In this workshop, we will discuss the anatomy and physiology of the tissues affected by this posture. Drawing from Sam’s experience as a physical therapist and BASI Pilates teacher, she will share with you some of the best strengthening exercises and stretches to help eliminate the symptoms of tech neck. With this knowledge and practical experience, you will feel confident in treating your own tech neck and helping others who suffer from it.

Samantha Wood, MPT, MBA, PMA-CPT, RYT, is a licensed physical therapist, a Pilates Method Alliance–certified Pilates instructor, a Yoga Alliance–certified teacher, and an associate faculty member for BASI Pilates. She has been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) since 1997 and of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and Yoga Alliance since 2010.

She is the owner of The Cypress Center in Pacific Palisades, California, where she and her staff integrate Pilates with physical therapy for people of all ages and abilities. Her clinical expertise includes Pilates-based rehabilitation, yoga therapy, orthopedics, sports therapy, and functional rehabilitation.

Past Events:


Longevity, Brain + Pilates


July 20, 2019

10:30 – 12:30pm



Nicole Marcione has been teaching Pilates since 2005. She has a PhD in Biokinesiology and an MS in Gerontology, with a research focus on exercise, the brain and aging. While living in Italy in 2003, Nicole discovered Pilates and instantly fell in love with this incredible method of movement. She loves working with all ages and knows from first-hand experience that Pilates is the perfect method of exercise for optimal aging. Nicole trained at The Pilates Center in Boulder CO, completing their Advanced Teaching Program and Master’s Program and is one of the few teachers in the world who has studied extensively with First Generation Teacher Jay Grimes in both his programs: The Work and Teaching The Work.  She loves hiking, yoga, running and traveling all over the world.


The Power Of Your Flower: Women Only
A workshop on pelvic floor health + dysfunction

August 12, 2019

12:00 – 3:00pm



Leaking when sneezing, laughing or jumping is a serious concern for many active women.

In this workshop Christi Idavoy is creating a safe haven for women to come together and learn about how to improve pelvic floor function. She will share the findings of Dr. Brent Anderson's (Polestar Pilates founder) 5 year study on pelvic floor engagement, in which she participated both as a subject and assistant.

We will briefly talk about some of the issues like back pain, painful sex and leakage that accompany pelvic floor dysfunction. Understanding that the pelvic floor is part of the respiratory system allows you to tune in and make improvement anywhere at any time. Learn breathing and movement techniques that will help strengthen your connection with the pelvic floor and help prevent further issues.

The goal of this workshop is to empower women to reclaim their control and gain confidence in community.

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