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An Adventure into Indigenous Colombia

Pilates Nosara Adventure Retreat — Colombia Sept 2018

I had been dreaming of leading a retreat at my dear friend Nina Arias’s retreat center in Colombia called Gitana Del Mar, in the Sierra Nevada Region. Little did I know what magic awaited my guests and me. The resort was vibrating the soul of the land, with palm roof huts, limited electricity, cold water, and the ocean breeze. Each meal was sources from the local region and they surprised us with five star meals every time. Our Pilates studio was open air to the sea breeze, allowing us to bend and flow with the palm trees that surrounded us. Daily adventures brought us closer to the surrounding region and the cultures that left their spirits in its land.

The Kogui tribe welcomed us as their few visitors and showed us their deep connection to the earth. The learning was spiritual and profound for all of us.

These are the moments a retreat creates that only those that experience it with relate to. Join us on an adventure that may crack your heart wide open to new incredible experiences!!

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