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Why you should go on a Retreat with Pilates Nosara Adventure Retreats

I saw the pictures, read and re-read the promotions for almost a year: A Pilates retreat in Peru with Pilates Nosara (not coincidentally one of my all time favorite Pilates Studios where I am also lucky enough to work). The retreat was 10 days of blissful Pilates, travel and included a trip to the legendary Inca site, Machu Picchu. I dreamed about going on this trip; but I didn’t think I would be able to go for a myriad of reasons. Fate had other plans, luckily! Through the generosity and love and support of friends and family, on October 1, I stepped onto Peruvian soil. Immediately I was hit with waves of gratitude.

Riding to the retreat center we saw snippets of the town, cobblestone streets, brightly painted doors and colorfully dressed women, some with tall top hats. We wound our way through roads down into the Sacred Valley arriving at the retreat center an impressive 11,000 feet above sea level. The setting was humbling with mountains jutting up almost directly overhead, reaching up into the thin air. The property was home to a lush garden of fragrant plants and a massive waterfall dropped from nearby cliffs. Rooms were clean, simple and cozy.

The week flew by at seemingly record speed. We awoke to early Pilates classes in a sun-drenched studio with views of the waterfall, and most days followed class up with activities that included giving back locally by distributing supplies collected at a nearby orphanage and an isolated mountain school. We visited ruins, salt mines, markets and scene after scene of stunning landscapes. At the retreat center, we meditated; danced; made new friends; visited Machu Picchu, a “bucket-list” UNESCO World Heritage Site. But that’s just the tangible part of the trip. The bigger piece is that the retreat offered the opportunity for introspection, for self care, and space to evaluate where you are in life, where you’re headed, and as in my case, what you’re grateful for.

Here are the top 5 reasons everyone should try a Pilates Retreat at some point in their lives.

  1. There’s nothing like travel to change your perspective and get you out of your head

  2. A Pilates retreat creates space for self-care, and dedicated time for that vital mind body connection that Pilates does so well

  3. Retreats are the perfect setting for introspection and reinvigoration

  4. Travel offers the exploration of new cultures and exposure to new ways of believing, existing with nature, and conducting day-to-day life

  5. You’ll receive the support of others who are experiencing the same space from which to explore, learn and make lasting change toward becoming their best selves

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