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Just for You!

In today’s society, nearly everybody can relate to being too busy. We are busy at work, busy at home, busy with our families, and busy following through on obligations. This madness we call “busy” is often coupled with a need for perfection, an obsession with competition, and a need to perform at high levels.

All these factors collide leaving you feeling extremely stressed. While stress is the human’s natural defense mechanism, it is important not to let it take over. Prolonged exposure to stress has been linked to many physical, mental and health issues.

One of the easiest ways to manage your stress is by making self-care a priority. Self-care involves putting time aside for….just you! Whether this is 10 minutes to focus on breathing, 30 minutes to exercise, or setting aside a few days of vacation focusing on you!

Pilates Nosara recognizes that our society is at cross roads when it comes to stress and health, and we felt compelled to address this health issue. Our solution? Developing a Pilates retreat, just for you! These personalized Pilates retreats will allow you move, rejuvenate, surrounded you in nature, and take care of what is most important, You!

Pilates Nosara priority will always be you and your wellbeing. It is our pleasure to design a personalized Pilates retreat for you. Our hope is that you stay stress-free by setting time aside for yourself today and everyday.

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