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Why Become a Pilates Instructor?

In recent years, the number of individuals interested in becoming a Pilates instructor has risen. And for good reason. A career in Pilates is rewarding, challenging, flexible, and in-demand.

Pilates is a discipline that requires instructors to have a high level of training. During a Pilates teachers’ training, students should expect to gain extensive physical training knowledge. You will also acquire skills on how to tailor a Pilates practice for each client.

Individuals turn to Pilates for a host of reasons. Honing into each client's personal needs is truly rewarding. Pilates instruction can be geared to increasing fitness and improved balance/strength/flexibility. It’s also commonly used for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The growing demand for Pilates allows instructors a significant amount of options and flexibility. The number of locations now offering Pilates provides an opportunity for instructors to teach at Pilates-specific studios, rehabilitation centers, and health clubs. An instructor also has the liberty of choosing if they want to work part time, full time or on specific days and hours.

If you are thinking of entering the world of Pilates instruction, here are a few tips and to consider:

1. Certification program: This is crucial! Choose a comprehensive teacher training program that is recognized by Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

2. Invest in an Anatomy course: Take a minimum of 1 anatomy course prior to receiving your certification.

3. Time: Choose a teacher training program that is conducive to your lifestyle. Many reputable Pilates schools offer an everyday weekly program, weekends only program, or a program spanning over handful of months.

4. Budget: Plan for training, studio time, and additional training literature.

5. Plan: Set goals for what you want to do once you are certified. Consider things such as where you want to teach, the type of clients you want to work with, and the types of certifications you made need. And speak with other established instructors about their own experiences.

Becoming a Pilates teacher is rewarding, challenging, and always changing! We, at Pilates Nosara, look forward to seeing you in our Balanced Body teacher trainings. Or simply helping you along your journey as a future Pilates instructor.

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