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Pure Pilates Retreat, Nosara Costa Rica

We just wrapped up our first Pure Pilates Retreat here at Pilates Nosara. It was amazing to greet the ladies when they arrived from their different urban locations to the Bodhi Tree Resort here in Nosara, Costa Rica. Although I absolutely loved these ladies and do not judge, it was a reminder of why I live here in the jungle/ocean vibe.

We had no idea who was going to arrive and we were anxiously anticipating them. The first duo was a mother & daughter from New York. The second duo was another mother & daughter from Massachusetts. Both were tired out from a long day of travel and a little shook up from the last leg of bumpy roads. Once we all got settled in we met up for dinner.

They were delightful from the beginning! Both duos hit it off! We spent the week practicing Pilates, eating, laughing, and getting to know each other. I felt honored to lead them and loved every minute. After day two, I saw them transform and let go and fully enjoy life! They really got the hang of the wild nature of Costa Rica with incredible thunder and lightening, occasional heavy rain, bugs, frogs (bathroom buddy), and monkeys (thank you Brenda at the Monkey Refuge)! They went out of their comfort zones many times (hike to waterfall!) and made lifelong memories!

I still remember my first time to Nosara. I loved seeing it through their eyes and here are some lovely photos from their lens! ❤️

Thanks Pura Vida

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