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Stretch and Release

I first started teaching Stretch and Release for a local Stand Up Paddle Board retreat company. Their organizers requested an hour long mild stretching class to offer their clients during the active week they had already prepared for them. Teaching these occasional classes, I realized there were no other classes available like this in our town on a regular basis. Nosara has an amazing selection of yoga and fitness classes to suit all levels and tastes. I wanted to offer something a little different and much more simple, a stretch class for anyone who was after something other than yoga. Not a spiritual practice but a practice of body awareness and alignment with low impact and exertion.

A massive benefit to attending a Stretch and Release class at Pilates Nosara is the opportunity to use props. Every class you have a chance to roll along or lay on a foam roller. The class also integrates the use of various balls and bands. With these props and your own ability to relax and release, you may feel the affects of a mini self massage. If you are a surfer wanting to target specific areas of tension or wish to feel stretched and released, this class could be for you!

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