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I can’t believe I have been teaching Pilates and movement for over 18 years now. I remember my first Pilates mat class as a young 14-year old dancer and never thought that this would become my passion and career. I have been a studio owner for over 15 years now, first in los Angeles and now in Nosara Costa Rica. I have been incredibly fortunate to have people that believed in me from a very young age and encouraged me to follow my dream and teach what I love……Pilates. My studio in Los Angeles California would never have been possible without Burt Siegelman and David Peters. They helped me find the perfect location by the ocean for my Pilates studio, The Pilates Room, which still exists today. Thanks to my mom for co-signing on the lease as I was 24 years old opening my first business.

My move to Costa Rica and the opening of Pilates Nosara are all because of my dear friend Richard Jordan. The studio he built for me was a virtual Pilates tree house, with gorgeous wood and windows on all sides, to view the trees and animals. The mat studio had views of his perfectly maintained jungle garden, I will be forever grateful for all he has done for me.

Over the years my business has grown and I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Gary Edwards. I decided it was time to move locations to this magical resort and with the blessing of Gary was able to design my dream Pilates studio. The new Pilates Nosara is at the top of The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, nestled in the jungle. The space is magical and massive. Come visit me and the incredible Pilates Nosara team for a Pilates retreat, daily mat classes, private, semi-private, and group equipment classes at our new location at The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort.

— Page Sieffert

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