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Ayurveda For Pilates Teachers


How to Integrate Ayurveda into your

Pilates Teachings


Pilates and The Five Elements  
Grow and Expand into Wellness Entrepenuers!

Five Saturdays via Zoom

Oct 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, & 30th

10:00am – 12:30pm CST

​Did you know that Pilates originally is a Body-Mind-Spirit practice? This is why I use techniques of Ayurveda in my classes to speak to the three layers of the practice as they were always meant to be taught together. Ayurveda is ancient mother nature wisdom — the Art of Living in Harmony with the Laws of Nature.

In the Pilates Industry in general only the Body is trained. It is trained into a system that doesn’t necessarily allow clients to express and embrace who they are on the level of the mind body spirit. How often do clients walk in and talk about their pain? How do we assess and then move them towards balance to decrease pain in the level of mind, body, spirit for each individual?

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and pilates teacher I want you as teachers to be healers not exercise leaders. In my opinion this ancient wisdom can give you incredible tools to go in that direction.​​​

Ayurveda helps me to understand my student’s personal constitution & read their needs and potential imbalances on a daily level.


I studied Ayurveda at The Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico with renowned teacher Dr. Vasant Lad where I started my personal Ayurveda journey. I was able to heal my own harmonal imbalances and diseases and found a way to a more balanced life.

This is my passion project coming direclty from my heart and I am excited to finally being able to offer this course to Pilates Teachers. A 15 hours online experience via Zoom taught in 5 weekends. After completing the course, you’ll receive 12.5 Continuing Education Credits by the National Pilates Certification Program.

What you’ll learn:

Each session will be taught as a combination of lectures, group discussions, writing, exercises and class creation.

  • Basics of Ayurveda: the 5 elements, dosha theory

  • How Pilates & Ayurveda relate and why you’ll need Ayurveda to teach balancing, safe and transformative classes

  • Experience Pilates practices for each dosha yourself

  • How to assess doshas & imbalances in your clients

  • Adjusting verbally and physically to different doshas & imbalances

  • Designing classes for each doshas & iimbalances including sequencing and cuing

  • Seasons of the year, times of the day and seasons of life and their related dosha

  • Simple nourishing rituals to support your own healthy body, mind, spirit connection

  • You’ll finish the course not only with new wisdom and teaching tools, to create more balance for your clients life and yours.​


  • You have either finished a Pilates Teacher Training or are currently enrolled in one

  • You are willing to explore your own constitution and tendencies first, before helping your students


What you get

  • Five-week online workshop with 3 hrs zoom session per week

  • Intensive guidance and personal advice

  • Digital study material and lifelong valid recording

  • Membership to a private Facebook group for continuous discussion & education

  • Access to an international alumni network 

  • Weekly reading & homework

How to use Food as Medicine

Our primary focus in this course is Diet and Lifestyle. How can we apply Ayurveda to guide us into a more balanced state?


You will learn the basics about Ayurveda, explore your constitution and how to apply the ayurvedic qualities to understand food. With this understanding you will be able to apply it to any imbalance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and thus creating more balance in your daily life.


Feb 6 & 7, 2021 
10:00am – 1:00pm CST

What participants say

"The most powerful professional development I've participated in 6 years"

"Mixing Ayurveda with my Pilates has changed not only my personal practice but how I teach and work with some of my clients; I feel like I just got a massage!"

Page Sieffert studied Ayurveda at The Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico with renowned teacher Dr. Vasant Lad. She is excited to bring her passion of Pilates and Ayurveda together to help Pilates teachers have a deeper understanding of how to assess clients at the level of the Mind, Body, and Spirit and bring them into balance. This is a five week online workshop meeting once a week via Zoom for 2.5 hours. Each week a different topic will be covered based on client imbalances, how to cue, designing classes, and much more. There will be weekly homework, writing, discussion, and class creation.

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