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Franklin Method

10-Day Intensive Certification Retreat

May 16–26, 2020 (includes 1 day off)

Bodhi Tree Resort, Nosara, Costa Rica

Taught by Alysen Starko-Bowes & Laura Hames Franklin


A Balanced + Relaxed Neck and Shoulders

Gain Certification as a Shoulder/Neck Trainer

  • Learn touch and movement exercises combined with imagery to lengthen and balance shoulder and neck musculature.

  • Learn the experiential anatomy of how the shoulder developed from a four-legged support situation through brachiation into free suspension and how these insights can change your body and mind.

  • Learn the keys to melt away tension and associated mental anxiety, in a lasting and immediate way, for you and your students.

  • Let your shoulders and neck become a place of ease and peace.

Happy Feet + Knees

Gain Certification as a Foot/Leg Trainer

  • Learn about the amazing design of the feet and build an understanding of their function in an experiential way.

  • Learn imagery and proprioceptive exercises that will strengthen and increase flexibility and resilience of the feet and ankles

  • Improve posture, stability, balance and agility

Teach workshops after graduation:

  • Fit and flexible with Franklin balls

  • Fit and flexible with Franklin bands

As well as the subject specific workshops:

  • Balance in the shoulder & neck with the Franklin Method®

  • Relaxed shoulders, relaxed neck – the Franklin Method®

Certification Retreat Includes:

  • 10-days training with Franklin Method Founder, Eric Franklin

  • Franklin Method® Shoulder/Neck Certification

  • Franklin Method® Foot/Knee Certification

  • Online educator tools: Happy Feet (retail: $358) and Franklin Method® principles

  • Franklin Method® Foot/Knee Manual

  • Franklin Method® Shoulder/Knee Manual

  • First booked module includes set of original Franklin Method balls as well as a Franklin-Band

  • Start booking workshops & classes right away!

  • Accommodation not included, please click here for hotel & area recommendations.


Registration Details


$2998 Early Bird (until February 20, 2020)
$3300 Price after February 20, 2020

Includes $500 non-refundable registration deposit to hold your spot

*Prices do not include accommodations 

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