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with Erin Myers of Spiral Spine




Sunday, December 15, 9:00am–4:00pm

Monday, December 16, 1:00am–4:00pm
Tuesday, December 17, 1:00am–4:00pm


Experience Erin’s unique approach to analyzing a scoliotic body using analytical tools that will help you understand the complexities of spinal curvatures and rotations.  


Erin combines current medical research that reinforces the benefits of movement for scoliosis, and creatively intertwines these findings with the specific Pilates exercises that are effective for scoliosis. Convex and concave muscles are explored in depth, along with typical areas of musculature that affect the spine.


You'll learn how to test a client’s strength and flexibility in these areas, in addition to mastering exercises that can create bilateral symmetry in a scoliotic back. The emotional aspects of scoli will also be covered, giving you the tools to educate and inspire your clients.


  • Learn ways to structure a scoliosis client’s initial lesson and integrate a scoliosis client into a group class setting

  • Includes a scoliosis-focused Mat and/or Reformer Pilates class

  • Learn how to effectively work with leg length discrepancy, osteoporosis, hypermobility, back bracing and spinal fusion surgery

  • Explore a variety of real-life, scoliosis case studies


Registration Details

Class: $600

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