Page Sieffert

Hi!! My name is Page Sieffert. Dancing and movement shaped my life. Through every spin, every plie, every breath, it held me when life was joyous and painful. Movement is my soul food, my therapist, my lover, the truest expression of who I am. I have spent countless hours studying, shapeshifting, and translating movement since I was a child. I found it natural to share what I know to facilitate transformation in others. The number of hours I have spent teaching and studying my craft over the past 25 years seems like a moment in time. That I am excited each day to learn more, study more, and teach more is a gift.  


My students are my greatest teachers.  I have seen how movement taught with intelligence and integrity can heal someone so they can pick up their children or perform in an elite event. I have seen how being present as a teacher and truly listening to the needs of my  students, I can become a healer. One of my greatest passions is guiding those who want to become Instructors. I love watching the evolution of each trainee as they grow into their own unique way of sharing this incredible work, focusing on health and wellness based in the mind, body, and spirit.

The studio is my sanctuary and I am grateful to have taken my passion and evolve into my life’s work.


My History:

  • Danced with Joffrey Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet until 20 years old

  • Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing for Bodywork

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Certification

  • Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico Diet and Lifestyle Practitioner

  • Trained movie stars in The Last Samurai and Collateral

  • Ashtanga Yoga Certification

  • Vinyasa Yoga Certification with Max Strom, Saul David Ray, Shiva Rae

  • Ayuryoga Practitioner

  • Restorative Yoga Certification with Jane Fryer

  • Gyrotonic Method Certified

  • Balanced Body Master Instructor

  • Creator of Pilates and the Five Elements…How to Integrate Ayurveda into your Pilates Practice


And too many workshops and continuing education to list…

Jenni Roberts

Jenni started Pilates classes in 2006 in Minneapolis, MN. She needed to take responsibility for her health, but hated "working out." Jenni immediately fell in love with Classical Pilates. The practice showed results quickly and began to transform her body and mind. Pilates became a focal point and bright spot in her life.


Jenni enrolled in Align Pilates Teacher Training program in 2008 and graduated with a 650 hour fully comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification in 2009. She immediately was hired at Align, and over the years became involved in the teacher training herself.  


Jenni has been teaching full time since 2009 and knows it is an honor and a privilege. She teaches with precision, humor, and a sharp eye for alignment. Jenni is extremely enthusiastic about sharing her experience and love for the practice of Pilates because of what it has done for her, and what she's seen it do for others.


Jenni has spent hours continuing her education every year, including time at the Pilates Centre in Boulder, CO. She has participated in some Balanced Body trainings, and also a Pranassage Practitioners Certification from The Nosara Yoga Institute in 2011.  

Kari Skaflen

Kari began taking Pilates mat classes at a local Chicago YMCA in 2008. Slowly but surely she noticed that she felt different: stronger, focused and even just a little taller. Many cold winters later, she took the plunge and enrolled in Balanced Body teacher training with Page Sieffert at Pilates Nosara. 


Kari has taught in Chicago, Denver, Panama and Costa Rica. Her passion is in helping others discover movement and body awareness through Pilates that they can carry into the rest of their lives. She's elated to be back in Nosara teaching with such an incredible team.


Kirstie Erickson

Kirstie's journey with pilates started in 2010 in her home town of New Smyrna Beach, FL when she was diagnosed with Sjogren's disorder. Sjogren's is an autoimmune disorder that causes joint pain, swelling and stiffness. She was determined to find a way to continue her athletic training while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing it all without pain. Kirstie started taking private reformer sessions at a local gym and immediately began seeing and feeling the results of pilates. Kirstie moved to Jacksonville Beach, FL in 2014 where she began taking classes at a studio 5 to 6 days a week. She fell even more in love with Pilates which led to her completing several teacher trainings/certifications, leaving her job working in law and pursuing her newfound passion, teaching Pilates. Kirstie is certified through Balanced Body as well as PHI Pilates. She plans to further her education and training with her Pilates career and looks forward to sharing her love and experience with her practice to all she meets. Kirstie is very excited to have found the beautiful Pilates Nosara studio and thrilled to join such an amazing team! 

Adrienne Fitzmaurice

Twenty plus years ago Adrienne discovered that hanging herself upside down from fuzzy straps attached to something called the “Cadillac” and stretching, elongating, and challenging her balance on a bed of springs called the “Reformer” could improve her dancing and better yet correct her scoliosis.


Five years later she found herself flying back and forth to the world -renowned Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. 800 hours later she walked away with a teaching certification that began her 20- year (and still counting) teaching journey. This journey led her study with some the greatest movement geniuses of all time; Amy Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, Deborah Kolway, Kathy Grant, Mary Bowen, Ron Fletcher, and Juliu Hovarth.


In 2003 Adrienne opened the doors of Align Pilates in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is here that she founded the Align Pilates and Barre teacher Training programs. In 2007-2014 she founded and directed the Align Pilates Surf Retreat held at the Harmony Hotel right here in Nosara.  She sold Align Pilates in 2014 to spend more time with her family and concentrate on just teaching and hosting retreats.


Adrienne’s students have the benefit of learning not only from her Pilates knowledge, but also from her knowledge and certifications of many other movement modalities that she includes in her classes and trainings; Gyrotonic, yoga, Pranassage, ballet, and modern dance.


She currently lives in Minneapolis and spends part of the winter in Playa Guiones.

Marcía Castro

Descubrió su pasión por la rehabilitación y el movimiento desde niña asistiendo a centros infantiles y de adulto mayor.


Se gradúa como fisioterapeuta de la Universidad Santa Paula y obtiene dos especializaciones en evaluación y en terapia manual ortopédica, la cual desarrollo en ella el gusto por tratar la causa de las lesiones y no solamente sus síntomas.


Participante en diversas certificaciones internacionales destacadas por la evaluación mecánica y el mejoramiento de los desbalances del cuerpo mediante técnicas como el Pilates.


En el 2009 inicia su propio espacio en el que desarrollo una tecnica con el cliente totalmente personalizada combinando sus dos pasiones: Pilates como terapia manual.


En el 2017 cumple uno mas de sus sueños abriendo su segundo espacio “Element Pilates”, con el concepto de entrenamiento de manera integral


Ha compartido  con la  Universidad Santa Paula procesos prácticos de técnicas de evaluación kinesiología y biomecánica.


Ha sido colaboradora para Page Sieffert y Balanced Body en los “Teacher Training” de anatomía.


“Me motiva seguir estudiando y compartiendo aprendizaje con mis colegas, clientes los cuales me llenan de energía a diario para seguir creciendo en mis proyectos”

Carolina Mora

En el 2006 se gradúa como licenciada en terapia física en la Universidad Santa Paula.


Posteriormente fue Docente de la misma facultad  para estudiantes de bachillerato y licenciatura.


En el año 2009 ingreso como estudiante en “Pilates en Polestar Pilates International Miami” para el área de Rehabilitación, estudios que concluyó y aprobó en el 2011.


En el 2012 obtuvo su maestría en Rehabilitación Funcional de la Persona Adulta Mayor en la USP con la que empieza a laborar como instructora de Pilates en Balance Center, (Centro de acondicionamiento físico) y tres años después asciende a Directora de Pilates.


Actualmente continúa con su cargo y es además copropietaria y Directora de Pilates Lab Fitness y Wellness en Santa Ana, Costa Rica.